2013 Martial Arts Resolutions

Happy New Year from Maine Kyokushin Karate!

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What will you achieve in 2013?

Here are your top Martial Art Resolutions for 2013.

  1. Train Right.  Make a mental commitment to your training.  Observe your Sempai’s (senior students) in their training and try to copy them.  Don’t try to be exactly like them, you need to be yourself.  Just pick out the finer points of their training, try to punch the way they punch or try to kick the way they kick.  Be more observant of your training.  Train Right!
  2. Train Hard.  Give you workout that extra push to put you over the top in your daily workouts.  Count the number of push-up you can do and try to better yourself each week by one.  In a year if  you started at 1 you would be up to 53!  Train Hard!
  3. Train for Life.  Make that commitment today that you will stay fit for the rest of your life.  Change your lifestyle if necessary.  Old habits are hard to break so use your martial arts training and discipline yourself for change.  Train for Life!
  4. Compete in a Kyokushin Tournament.  There are many fine examples from the Norway and Bethel Dojo’s of students that you would think were beyond competing years that competed.  Using the above resolutions as your guide to your training you could very well be ready for a competition within six months.  You don’t have to fight, you can also perform in Kata. So go ahead and compete!
  5. Get Promoted.  Sounds silly but some students don’t put enough thought into getting promoted.  Ask your Sempai, Sensei or Shihan himself what you need to do to get promoted to the next rank.  The way the Kyokushin-kan system is set up you can basically get promoted every three months.  Once you achieved your first kyu however, you must remain a first kyu for a minimum of one year before being promoted to black belt.  Make a chart and figure out where you want to be in three months, six months, one year and even three years.  So go on and Get Promoted!
  6. Achieve Perfect Attendance.  Make that commitment that you will be at the dojo at least twice per week.  Take advantage of MKK’s great schedule of classes.  Make a kids class too!  Kids love training with adults.  Shihan needs help on Tuesdays and Thursdays classes.  Help Sensei with in the Ninja class. So go ahead, Achieve Perfect Attendance!
  7. Spar Harder.  This will help you to achieve your goal of competing in a tournament.  Be respectful of your sparring partner and remember the weaker of the two is the one that sets the pace.  Go on now, Spar a Little Harder!
  8. Get in Shape.  You know you should, so just do it!  Get in Shape!