3 Simple Safety Tips for Playing Pokémon Go


A video game that gets kids off the couch and into the real world!

Except when you’re playing Pokémon Go, you may not be paying attention in the real world. And while there are some headline-grabbing stories like Pennsylvania Teenager Hit By Car While Playing Pokémon Go, the game itself isn’t dangerous to play. In fact, it has kids and adults moving and interacting in an entirely different way.

The premise of the game is to get out into the world and explore. It has people going to parks, libraries, and monuments. It has both kids and adults exercising and interacting face to face. I’ve been teaching karate to children for over 20 years. I’m always concerned about keeping kids safe, but also active. Pokémon Go’s great thing – as long as you use a little common sense and a few safety rules.

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