Maine Kyokushin Karate (MKK) has been the Oxford Hill’s premier martial arts school for 18 years. We teach traditional Kyokushin karate and our Black Belts are respected worldwide.

At MKK we pride ourselves on our strong Kyokushin background and on continuing the Kyokushin legacy.

We are proud members of Kyokushin-Kan International. Our Black Belts train worldwide and are able to bring you the best karate program possible.

Shihan Martin Petrovich

Shihan Martin Petrovich


Martin Petrovich

Training Began: Began martial arts in summer of 1976

Favorite Martial Arts Quote:

“The Martial Way begins with one thousand days and is mastered after ten thousand days of training.” ~Mas. Oyama, Sosai

Martial Arts Hero: Mas. Oyama Sosai

Favorite Martial Arts Movie:

  • Fighting Black Kings
  • Enter the Dragon

Proudest Karate Moment: Watching my wife and our two children being promoted to black belt.

Away from the Dojo: photography and spending time with family.

Teaches: Samurai, Teen/Adult Kyokushin Karate classes & Black Belts




Liesha Petrovich 

Sensei Liesha Petrovich

Training Began:1993

Favorite Martial Arts Quotes:

  • “He who is taught only by himself has a fool for a master” ~ Ben Jonson
  • “Cry in the dojo. Laugh on the battlefield” ~ Author unknown

Martial Arts Heroes: Fighting Black Kings, Tom Callos, Ernie Reyes Sr. & Jhoon Rhee

Favorite Martial Arts Movies:

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Enter the Dragon

Proudest Karate Moment: Seeing both my kids get their black belts.

Away from the Dojo: Teaches at the University of the People and is working towards a Doctorate of Business

Teaches: Little Ninjas & After School Karate