Congratulations Sensei Kristen!

It is with great pleasure that Sensei Liesha Petrovich and I announce the advancement of Sensei Kristen O’Connor to the rank of sandan. Kristen could have opted to take the test here in Maine, but made her first journey to Japan to attend the annual instructors camp and belt test. The test was overseen by none other than Royama Kancho.

This is a special acheivement as not everyone who test passes. Everything needed to executed as close to flawless as possible.

I would also like to thank Sensei Tom Callahan the California branch chief who took time out of his busy schedule and work with Sensei Kristen for a couple of days prior to leaving for Japan.

In 18+ years Sensei Kristen is only the third person to be promoted to the rank of sandan.

Sensei Kristen is the right hand (wo)man of the dojo. She represented us to the highest degree. We are very proud of her and ask that you take a moment to congratulate her on this special acheivement. Again congratulations Sensei Kristen! OSU!

Sensei Kristen in Japan!

Sensei Kristen in Japan!