Men: Mouthpiece and groin protection

Women: Mouthpiece and breast protection


Here are the basic techniques that are allowed in full-contact fighting:

Axe Kick, Elbow Strike, Fore-fist Thrust (basic punches), Front Kick, High Round House Kick, Low Round House Kick, Knee Kick, Side Kick, and Leg Sweep Followed By A Non-Contact Thrust.  These are just the basics.


Attacking A Downed Competitor, Any Kind Of Strike To The Face Or Head With The Hands Or Forearms Or Elbows, Grabbing, Groin Kick, Head-butt, Pushing With The Head And Attacking, Kicking To The Back Of The Head, Straight Kick To The Knee, Any Straight Kick Below The Belt, Strike To The Neck, Pushing Of Any Kind and Striking To The Spine.


The preliminary rounds will last two (2) minutes with two (2) one minute extensions.   The finals will be three (3) minute rounds with two (2), two (2) minute extensions.


Points given:

The fights are based on a one point winner take all decision. Half points are also given and taken away from competitors. Anytime during the match if a competitor is downed or their will to fight is broken for 4 seconds or less, a half point will be award to their opponent. If a fighter is downed or their will to fight is broken for 5 seconds or more, one full point is awarded and the fight ends.

Points taken away:

If a competitor commits an illegal technique a warning is given. After two warnings an official warning is given and a half point is taken away. Repeated another half point is taken away and now that competitor has one full point in the negative and their opponent wins.