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International Honbu

Kancho at the Kyokushin-Kan International Honbu

MKK belongs to Kyokushin-Kan International, led by Hatsuo Royama of Japan.  We feel it is imperative that martial arts schools belong to a credible organization and we have been proud members of the Kyokushin community for almost 20 years.

The martial arts industry in the United States is not regulated. Therefore, there are many karate schools that are independent and teach a combination of styles. Although this is not illegal, we feel that this practice leads to “watered-down” karate and lower quality black belts.

On the other hand, at MKK we pride ourselves on our strong Kyokushin background and on continuing the Kyokushin legacy.

Credibility and Value

We do not believe in self-promotions or unearned titles. Belonging to Kyokushin-Kan International gives our black belts credibility and value. Earning a Kyokushin-Kan Black Belt is much more than a belt and certificate. It’s a lifelong membership in a strong, international organization of dedicated martial artists.

Branch Chief Martin Petrovich

Shihan Martin Petrovich is the Branch Chief for Maine. Additional Branch Chief’s are located in Florida, California, Conneticut, and North Carolina.

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KYOKUSHIN-KAN KARATE (Sensei Tom Callahan in California)