The Teens/Adults Program is a Kyokushin-kan (the name of MKK’s style of Karate) black belt program.  Students in the Teens/Adults program generally need four years of training to obtain their black belt.  As a black belt all students at MKK are certified from Japan and recognized worldwide.

The Teens/Adults program is taught twice per week and classes run for one hour.  Students continue to learn new kata’s and reinforce their kihon.  A complete curriculum is going to be done and available on dvd by the end of the year.  This dvd will cover all requirements for promotion to the next belt level.  There is 10 degrees of belts in both black belts and under black belts.  Black belts are referred to as dans. Under black belts are kyu’s.

adult karate classes

June Belt Promotion!

In the Teens/Adults Program students are given new belts and test for a stripe on their belt once they have their new belt.  After the Teens/Adults student is given a stripe on their belt they again will test for a new belt color.  So in short the Teens/Adults student will be given a belt everyother belt test.