us kyokushin open 2

Tournament Location: Grand Summitt Hotel, at Sunday River Resort, Newry, Maine

Organizer: Marty Petrovich, Godan, Kyokushin-kan, U.S. Branch Chief

Date: April 8th, 2017

Tournament Start Time: 9:00 am Weapons, Kata and Semi-Contact. 6:00 pm for Full Contact and Breaking

Spectator’s Fee: $15 for both daytime and nighttime events

Competitor’s Fee: $30 for one, two or three daytime events and $40.00 for Full
Contact event. No charge for breaking divisions.

The Grand Summit Resort

image002The Grand Summit Resort will host the United States Kyokushin Open for the next three years.  A Canadian Branch Chief commented that “The Resort is excellent.  Everything under one roof.  Park your car and forget about.  Outdoor heated pool, restaurants, excellent accommodations and anything else you could ask for.”

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