Why Confidence Matters – Common Sense & Self Defense

I wanted to start out by saying that common sense can often dictate the outcome of the most unpleasant situation that you can get yourself into.common sense self defense

I’m talking about real self-defense situations. Imagine, if you would, two young women walking down the same street on opposite sides of the street. One is walking with confidence with a strong stride and swinging her arms. On the other side the woman is walking with her head down, hunched over and taking small quick steps.

Imagine a perpetrator is watching this scene.

The perpetrator will want to attack the women who will offer the least amount of resistant. This is not something that I made up. These are profiles that police officers around the country use to catch perpetrators in undercover situations. It is a fact, that more times than not, the perpetrator will go for the woman who is walking with no confidence.

Even if you’re not confident, act like you are. Don’t act like a victim.

A great way to increase you’re confidence is any situation is karate or self-defense classes. Once you know how to defend yourself, even a little, you will begin to feel like you could handle yourself in most situations.

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